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Breed Notes - 16 Feb 2016
Last Saturday was the National Working & Pastoral Breeds Open Show at The Sports Connexion, where we had classes judged by Stella Coombes (Mystarz). She had an excellent entry of 10, and it was a day for the youngsters, with BoB going to Lucy Campbell’s Ace (Quincebois Ironwood), with RBoB Gina Challoner’s Isalynn (Isalynn v. Elderens). Best Puppy was Kate Allen’s Cosmo (KanuKalos Allegro). We managed to arrive just as the breed classes were starting, and it was really good to catch up with all the news, for example the fact that Liz and Lynne move house today (Tuesday), and we wish them every happiness in their new home, which not only has an exercise paddock, but also has the merit of only being 10 minutes from their old home. One thing I cannot let pass, though, is the unsuitability of the ring we were allocated in the main hall. I think it is my least favourite venue, and the flooring doesn’t suit a running dog, nor was the ring anything like big enough for us. The hall was grossly overcrowded, as usual, and the only benefit I can see is that it does give the dogs a foretaste of the conditions they will meet at Crufts.

There have been a couple of interesting emails this week. One was from the Boisseaus , at their French home at the moment, where the road just below their house has partially collapsed. Nick said they did have enough warning to get the car out, or they would have been totally stuck, but he has sent photos of Freya and Gaia looking into a big hole in amazement. Happily, no-one has been injured, but it must be a big worry for them.

The other one was from Sue Scully, who raised the question, prompted by a book about behavioural problems in dogs, about what functions in daily life would make their dogs happy, and what would “tick the boxes” for a Hovawart. She says that hers like interesting walks in different places and the chance to use their noses, and I know, for example, that Acorn is happiest when she has found some water to immerse herself in, and if she can’t get to swim in the big pond, she’ll make do with a wallow in a cattle trough. Perhaps it would be an interesting exercise to find out what really does it for individual dogs, so please contact me with all your dogs’ preferences, and maybe we will be able to make an worthwhile feature for a newsletter, or give people some new ideas to try.

Elaine Betts
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This article was posted on: 17-Feb-16