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Breed Notes - 9 Feb 2016
I am very sorry to be having to tell you that Anne Stewart’s beloved Shady (Fasskoleys Sallins Solo) suffered a torsion, and despite the attentions of the vet, didn’t make it. He was nearly 10 years old, which seems to me to be a dangerous age for our breed. With Anne now based in Ireland, we didn’t see him over here as much as we might have done, but his greatest triumph, show-wise, came 7 years ago when he was BoB at Crufts under Michael Quinney. He will be greatly missed, but I am sure Anne will have many happy memories of good times to think about. Torsion is such a dreadful thing, as it is very difficult to guard against, because despite a lot of research over many years, no definitive cause has emerged, and operations are by no means 100% successful.
Talking of Crufts, the entry figures are out, and Julie Condron has drawn a really good number of both dogs (21) and bitches (30), with quite a few taking part in more than one class. That total of 51 is a rise of 50% on last year…although to be fair to John, quite a few were ineligible then. It is difficult to work out how many are coming from overseas, but I have heard from Mick Murphy that the Irish contingent is numbered at 8. It is always interesting to see dogs from different countries and I am looking forward to doing so again this year.
Our Dublin is still trying to work out why we are so pleased with him, but Ann Travis’ Grizelda (Annvad Pricess Grizelda) gave birth to 9 puppies last Thursday, 6 dogs and 3 bitches. I’m not quite sure of the colours, but I believe there are both black and black-and-gold, but no blonds. After what has not been an easy year for Ann and Dave, it is lovely that there is good news for them for once, and for us it does make up a bit for the news that our Acorn has again failed to conceive. She will be 7 in a couple of months, and I am beginning to despair of her ever producing puppies. For herself, she is quite convinced that Dorrit’s two little 3 week old girls are really hers, and it isn’t always easy to ensure that Dorrit’s good nature isn’t stretched beyond the limit.
It is the National Working & Pastoral open show this Saturday, with Stella Coombes in charge. We are hoping to go, and I will report back next week.

Elaine Betts
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This article was posted on: 10-Feb-16