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Breed Notes - 19 Jan 2016
We were expecting to go to Manchester Show last Saturday, but Little Dorrit, our Glen of Imaal Terrier, due to whelp yesterday (Monday), was very restless on Saturday morning, and duly produced two little bitch puppies, Peggotty and Pocket during the football results. She had originally been scanned as having just the one, which would have meant all sorts of problems, especially if it had been large, so seeing the two being born was a real joy. Meanwhile, at the show, Lexie (Zwartbos Moet) went BB and BoB for a delighted Janice and Dave, with Gina’s Isalynn (Isalynn v Elerens Hof) taking RBB. Well done to them.
On the subject of shows, doesn’t on-line entering make you a bit complacent? I know we felt we had plenty of time to enter Crufts, until a panicked realisation at 11.45 Monday evening that we had just 15 minutes! However, this would not be a problem for normal shows, but Crufts demands KC numbers, so a frantic search for the dogs’ files was just in time. Then of course you have to hope that the website isn’t overloaded, and a delay in the acceptance of our payment had us on tenterhooks, but all’s well that ends well. I must say, though, the fees seem a bit steep considering we don’t have CC’s, and will probably be in a far corner late on in the day. All that said, it is still Crufts.
You watch, the weather will turn a lot dryer now, because we have finally succumbed to a big powerful dog dryer! Actually, it has already been put to use, and after an anxious moment or two, all the dogs seem to enjoy the warm air. It certainly helps lessen the laundering of wet towels. Our thanks to Janet and Maggie for their encouragement and advice.

Elaine Betts
This article was posted on: 20-Jan-16