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Breed Notes - 12 Jan 2016
This coming weekend it is the first Championship show of the year featuring classes for Hovawarts, Manchester, and I am sorry to report a rather poor entry of 6, the lowest number for a breed at the show bar one. We are last of 6 breeds in our ring, and I suppose we have no right to grumble this time. Sadly at least 2 of the 6 will be absent, as both Acorn and Poppy have come into season earlier than expected. I wonder if it has any connection to the exceptionally mild weather we have had of late. I know the spring bulbs have appeared already, and will get a bit of a shock if winter does finally arrive. Personally, a bit of frost that hardens up the mud will be more than welcome.

A couple more shows are now available to enter on-line, SKC where we are on Friday May 20th with Mrs. M.Wildman judging, and Birmingham National, also on a Friday, May 6th, judge Hans van den Berg. However, of more immediate concern is the National Working Breeds Open Show at Coventry on Saturday February 13th with Stella Coombes in charge of the ring. On-line entries close on what will be noon next Wednesday, January 21st, and it is a good forerunner for Crufts, as it is usually pretty crowded and noisy at the Sports Connexion.

The IHF, in addition to the show and conference we usually attend, hold obedience and tracking championships, but sadly, as the criteria required is different from the way we do things here, they are not competitions that we can compete in. I think it would be interesting to compare methods, but this year’s tracking, which was to have been in France next month, has been postponed until the autumn, when it will be in Italy. If anyone does fancy going to watch, I have details of where and when.

Maggie and Lloyd have got a club newsletter out, and all members should have received a copy, mainly via e-mail, but there are still a dozen or so who prefer something in the post. One of the items mentioned there was the calendar, of which we still have a few copies available. The other topic I wanted to expand on was the re-introduction of the “100” club, with the express purpose of raising some funds to refloat the Rescue Fund, sadly depleted this last year. There was an application form attached to the newsletter, and it is also available to download from the club website, so do give it a go, the odds of winning are so much better than the lottery, even if the prizes are not life-changing.

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This article was posted on: 13-Jan-16