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Breed Notes - 12 Dec 2013
A couple of days ago, I received an email that was music to my ears as a breednote writer. It is so hard to get information from people about their activities with their dogs, so that I have something interesting to let you know about. Anyway, this email was from Liz and Lynne, who had attended the PDRO (no, I didn’t know either…but it stands for Pet Dog Rally Obedience) Christmas Trial in Ipswich, and came away with awards for all 3 of their Hovawarts. Torin gained a Bronze Championship, Drift a Bronze and Silver Achievement, and Mist a Bronze Achievement. To gain the Achievement, 6 scores of 190+, under 2 different judges , are needed during the year, the Championship needs 6 scores of 200+. Bearing in mind the maximum is 210, this seems like quite a tall order, so many congratulations are due. Drift even got a perfect 210 on one occasion. Well done!

On the subject of new activities for our dogs, I am very enthused by whispers I have heard about a competition that just tests tracking skills, to be open to all breeds. Tracking seems to be an activity that comes very naturally to the average Hovawart, and I am hoping to be able to involve even our veterans, now retired from working Trials largely because of the clear jump and scale. Watch this space!

Sadly, Nick and Helen Boisseau have reported a negative scan for Freya. Although it is not unheard of for there still to be puppies…our Orchid was scanned negative and still produced 6 puppies, despite being on a rigorous diet to trim her apparently excess fat in the last 3 weeks of her pregnancy…Nick tells me he is not at all hopeful, but they certainly haven’t given up on the idea, and intend a further visit to the Czech Republic when Freya next comes into season.

Christmas preparations are now well into their final stages, and it is the time of year for all the warnings about the danger of our dogs consuming things from the tree, for example, that will harm them. Do keep a close eye, particularly on youngsters and known thieves, if only for the reason that a tragedy at this time of year will always be remembered more acutely perhaps than at any other, and however diligent you may have been, you won’t be able to escape the awful feeling that maybe you could have done something to prevent the accident.

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This article was posted on: 11-Dec-13