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Breed Notes - 4 Dec 2013
I can’t believe it is December again. It only seems a couple of months since I was writing Christmas cards, and I’m at it again. My Mother said time went far more quickly the older you get, and I’m suddenly agreeing with her.
Maggie organized a training morning last month for the forthcoming obedience team competition at Crufts, which went quite well, for the first get-together, although it is surprisingly difficult doing heelwork in unison. We have each been allocated a specific task to perform individually, so we all have our homework. Hopefully we will have another training session this month. Poor Maggie is struggling with a knee injury, with the prognosis of possible surgery, so whether the competition will be before or after this remains to be seen. Neither option is ideal, but you know how stoic dog folk are.

With Crufts in mind our own plans to travel abroad with Acorn in the New Year have been put on hold for another six months (there is always something getting in the way of puppies with Acorn) but nobody would encourage mating a bitch at great expense and effort and then competing in an Obedience Competition at Crufts, in the big ring, putting a newly mated bitch under such pressure, particularly as even if she is calm, I certainly won’t be!! Several super homes are waiting for puppies in the New Year, I do hope they wait, because really good homes are hard to come by and six months is about all folk want to wait.

The club calendar (still available by the way) has brought a lovely email from Maureen Watson in Scotland, who has Clyde, our Orchid’s brother. Happily he is still going strong, which Maureen puts down to his desire to keep up with the two children, aged 11 & 7. It hardly seems nearly 12 years ago we met a very glamorous Maureen, dressed up to the nines for a visit to Janet Kibble’s to view puppies. She had certainly learnt about how messy puppies can be by the time she came to collect him!

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This article was posted on: 05-Dec-13