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Breed Notes - 12 Nov 2013
I am sorry there were no notes last week. Usually this happens when there doesn’t seem to be much of interest to write about, but last week we had to say goodbye to our lovely old Limerick, a month after her 15th birthday. She had been struggling with a wonky back leg for a little while, but still enjoyed life…and food…but last Tuesday I think it had finally got too much for her, and we decided to call time. The vet came out, and in a strange way it was a very beautiful event, very peaceful, and after the initial sadness, we have been able to look back on a wonderful , long life, with many, many happy memories. We will be planting a tree for her, to go alongside the others already there. It is a great comfort, and a lovely way to keep these amazing dogs fresh in the memory. I think we will get something that has pretty foliage in the autumn.

At the final championship show of the year that give us breed classes, Working & Pastoral Breeds of Scotland, the attendance was a bit above average for 2013, under judge Mr.T.Richards. He found his BoB in Anne Stewart’s Irish Champion Fasskoleys Sallins Gold, with Craig Hosie taking Best Opposite Sex with IHF Champion Annvad Daimys Princess for Hosarvar, reserves going to Julie Condron with Zwartbos Carisbrooke and Anne Stewart with Irish Champion Fasskoleys Carmel Murphy. For only the second time this year, there was also a Best Puppy, Ann Travis’ Annvad Princess Grizelda…..(definitely not “Grizzle”!!). I think that will make Z. Carisbrooke (Gunner) top Hovawart for the year, but I will hope for confirmation of that in due course.

It was “Discover Dogs” again this last weekend at Earls Court, with Lloyd Spencer once again pulling out all the stops in preparing and setting up the stand. It looked stunning again and the decorations and salient points of the breed on the display boards make it so much easier to get across the facts to visitors. Maggie and her team did duty on Saturday, and we did Sunday, with the help of Lucy and Pam Campbell, sadly without Levi, recovering from an ear problem. I say “we”, but actually I was without John for the morning, as he was doing his stint on the Irish Wolfhound stand with the enormous Spider. He says that he reckons there will be at least 100 pictures of her in the Far East by now. The follow-up letter I have just received from the KC says attendance was 13% up on last year, and it certainly felt like it. I don’t think we have ever been busier, and there seemed to be a good half dozen serious enquiries , which is encouraging for the future.

Nothing really to do with Hovawarts, but isn’t it amazing how different veterinary prices are in different parts of the country. Our daughter had cause to be concerned about her 11 year old Hamiltonstovare bitch last Saturday, and a visit to the vet resulted in an emergency spaying operation as a result of a pyometra. She went in in the morning, and was home again by 2in the afternoon , with a bill that was 5 times more than ours was for a routine spaying of “Whistle” last year. She was also told that any follow-up phone calls would cost £185. When we had a similar emergency with our IW “Midnight”a couple of years back, which necessitated an overnight stay the cost was only twice the amount for “Whistle”. Happily, the bitch is making a good recovery, and insurance is involved, but maybe it isn’t surprising that premiums are so high ! I should now tell you that we live in rural Herefordshire, and our daughter lives in stockbroker-belt Surrey (is it still called that in these days of internet share trading, I wonder).
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This article was posted on: 13-Nov-13