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Breed Notes - 16 Oct 2013
I caught up with Val Shone this week, and was pleased to hear that all the puppies are doing well and gaining weight. They are having their “Character Tests” in a couple of weeks, which is always a busy but happy afternoon. One of the really joyful experiences to having a litter is placing the pups in homes that you know will bring out all the very best in them, and with all the new owners “at home” all day they are starting off with a tremendous advantage.

I was hooked to the recent TV programme that dealt with this very point, (Dogs: Their Secret Lives –Channel 4). Using hidden cameras and a ground-breaking study from dog scientists, the film recorded what our dogs are getting up to whilst we are out, with some surprises! Whether it be working from home, or one partner in and one partner out, staying at home with little ones, or an extended family with a “Grannie” about, any combination is so much better than leaving your dog alone for long periods of time. It seems that even those who appear not to move about a lot or howl or destroy things still suffer considerable stress levels, and less than 20% of dogs coped well with being left for hours at a time. All is not lost, however, because early training can rid dogs of this anxiety.
I have put “Your Dog” magazine for November on my shopping list, as Julia Christopherson has told me that our erstwhile Club Chairman, Gill Green, appears in a feature. I don’t know anymore about it at the moment, but will soon find out more, and hopefully…if they haven’t sold out…tell you more about it in the next notes. Julia was in touch with us to order her calendars (hint,hint!!), and also to wish dear old Limerick a happy 15th Birthday, which she enjoyed yesterday. Her main present was a large new bottle of Metacam!
At this moment in time we are trying to cover the Discover Dogs weekend at Earls Court. If you would be prepared to join either Maggie on the Saturday or John and I on the Sunday, please get in touch. It’s exhausting and you talk for England, but very satisfying at the end of the day, and you do get to meet a great variety of people with one thing in common, a curiosity about our breed, and a desire to learn a bit more, either to eliminate us from their list of potential breeds to own, or hopefully to spark a real interest in Hovawarts.

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This article was posted on: 16-Oct-13