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Breed Notes - 17 Sep 2013
Lots of good things to report on this week. Firstly, today Val Shone telephoned to announce the arrival of 6 puppies. Puppies always excite me, and although Val and Steve are exhausted from being up all night, Val was thrilled to report six puppies, all doing well. Unfortunately the last two by Caesarean Section. All is well and the whelping box is quiet and peaceful. Three black and gold bitches, one blonde bitch, and two black and gold dogs. What could be more wonderful.

My second good thing to report on is Maggie Spencer’s recent success in the obedience ring. Dollar won 1st in Novice last Saturday, and then a 4th in Novice on Sunday, and Gracie won 3rd in A. Congratulations to you all. Keep it up. We want to see a Hovawart in the Obedience ring at Crufts.
And thirdly, Julie’s gunner lead the Hovawart representation in the rare breed classes at Darlington, winning RBD, with the other four hovawarts entered all getting places too. In the breed classes, Liz and Lynne’s Driftingsky Mist won BoB, with Jennifer and Charlie’s Hightimbers Sixpence taking BD. At least the entry and attendance were better, with 7 dogs actually present, almost double the year’s average.

A phone call to Liz elicited the information that there are 41 dogs entered at the Club Show, now only a few days away. This is a smaller entry than we had at the IHF weekend last year, which is only to be expected. The new “show-within-a-show” classes are well filled, though. Sadly, apart from the Irish, who we rather regard as “us”, there are no overseas entries this time. It is always interesting to see our dogs up against foreign competition, and if we don’t have that opportunity, we could get a bit insular in our views. One thing surprised Liz, the total lack of silver KC Good Citizen competitors, but maybe it is because we have the classes every year, and the dedicated people are now on to gold.

I hope to see all of you at the show, or at the evening party, or at the Sunday morning seminar (or better still, all three). If you haven’t already booked, get on to Gill right away, or give me a call and I will point you in the right direction.
Elaine Betts
01544 318705
This article was posted on: 20-Sep-13