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Breed Notes - 11 Sep 2013
We missed the Richmond Show this year because we were actually away on holiday. This is somewhat of a miracle, as leaving the dogs and other livestock is not easy, but this year we had Gilly, who used to walk the dogs with me until she moved away, to live in. I have to confess to nightly phonecalls to keep “in the loop”, particularly about dear old Limerick, who happily still potters about, and was just as good as when we left her. Anyway, to return to Richmond, there was the same malaise as elsewhere in terms of entries and attendees, the average of 4 dogs present being maintained. Val Shone won BoB with her eight and a half year old boy, Minches Jet of Zwartbos, and took BB with her youngster, Zwartbos Chale, for the first time. Quite a time for the Shone family, as Rhea’s litter must be due any time now as well.

There are a couple of KC Good Citizen successes to report, Julie’s Gunner, and his brother Torrin, owned by Liz & Lynne, both passed the gold award. They are both littermates of the aforementioned Chale. Congratulations to all concerned. More success in the Obedience ring, where Maggie’s Gracie won her first “A” competition. She needs to do it again to progress to “B”, following in Tia’s footsteps. I don’t know all the details, but usually winning Obedience classes entails beating large numbers of border collies and assorted working sheepdogs, never easy, so well done to Maggie.
Flag’s test results are now back, and we are very pleased to be able to report a clear Thyroid test, but her hip score, whilst OK, was a little disappointing at 14 (6/8), a bit above the average for the breed. We shall have to look for a very low scoring mate for her if and when we consider her for a litter. Right now, though, my thoughts for her future lie in the Working Trial field. She is a bit too young to cope with the jumping as yet, but her obedience work is coming on, and she is getting to grips with searching and tracking. Training for all the different skills that are needed for WT is really rather complicated.

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This article was posted on: 11-Sep-13