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Breed notes - 20 August 2013
Hovawart Breed notes 20/08/13

As expected, we weren’t able to take Acorn (in season) or Flag (recovering from the HD test anaesthetic) to the Welsh KC show last Saturday, but we did go because Little Dorrit was entered in the Glen of Imaal classes, which fortunately took place before the Hovawart judging, so we were able to get to the ring in time to see….blink and you’d missed it…Julie’s Gunner (Zwartbos Carisbroke) take BoB over Ann’s Farica (Annvad Lady Farica), judged by Derek Smith. Unfortunately, they were the only two present, as Chalkie was suffering from a bout of sickness. I am beginning to despair a bit about show entries this year. If you exclude Crufts, where 33 dogs turned up, the average number attending championship shows this year is 4 (over 8 shows), a sorry state of affairs indeed !
In this vein, can I beg you all to enter the club show, coming up on the last Saturday of September, so we have a really good turnout for Michael Kunze who is probably the outstanding judge of the breed on the continent at the moment. I know you can download the schedule from the club website, and don’t forget to include entries for the obedience section, to be judged by our own Maggie Spencer, and the KC good citizen tests, all three levels, as well as the exciting innovation of a “show within a show” being judged by Craig Hosie. No previous experience is necessary, and there will be many people to offer help if you find the prospect of showing a bit daunting. I know our secretary, Liz Whitmore, would very much appreciate early entries, as it makes her task of putting the catalogue together that much less of a last minute panic.
Talking of Liz (and Lynne), she sent me an email telling me about her experiences at Rally and Agility shows. I think, as newcomers, they didn’t make great inroads in the area of winning competitions, but the dogs had a thoroughly good time, were well behaved, as you’d expect, and caused no little interest amongst the other competitors. If anyone else has been doing any activities with their Hovawarts, do please let me know. Not only would it be interesting for our readers, but might just ignite a spark for someone else to have a go at something. These dogs of ours are pretty well up for anything, so give it a whirl, you never know how much fun you will have together unless you try.
Julie has just sent me the proof copy for this year’s calendar, and jolly good it looks, too. There are some super pictures of Hovawarts doing lots of different things, and several pictures of puppies are included. December is particularly charming, and a sight familiar to many Hovawart owners – a happy dog rolling in the snow with his feet in the air! Brrrrr…don’t let’s think about snow and the winter just yet. The final price hasn’t yet been worked out, but we very much hope to keep the cost the same as it has been for the last couple of years, and they will be available (fingers crossed) at the club show, so another good reason for being there and entering.

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This article was posted on: 27-Aug-13