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Breed notes - 13 August 2013
Sometimes I think Acorn understands exactly what I’m saying, because six weeks before her season is due she decides to be early, thus making absolutely certain that two working trials, one championship breed show, three training sessions, and a friend looking after her for a week will be cancelled, or at best, disrupted!! It did occur to me to rush off to the Vet and get her injected, but it was only a passing thought that I didn’t really seriously consider, especially as we do eventually hope to have a litter with her. No, just keep calm and carry on.

Good news from Val and Steve Shone, reporting a positive pregnancy scan. They are both very excited and so looking forward to their second litter.

Talking of puppies, our daughter is thinking about getting another dog, and I was surprised to learn from her that a breeder with a pregnant bitch requires a signed contract, plus the sum of £100 as a deposit to consider her as a potential new home. If the bitch doesn’t have the chosen sex, the money will be returned, but if for any reason they don’t take up their option the deposit is non-refundable. I’m sure it’s all legal and above board, but just sounds very commercial to me. I hasten to add that it’s not our breed, although another rare breed. I want folk to buy a puppy from us because they really really want it, not because they thought they might a month earlier, and may lose their deposit if they are having second thoughts. Am I just too fanciful and silly?

Flag our youngster is now a year old and is going into the Vet’s for her hip X-ray next Friday, (doesn’t time fly), and I hope he will do a thyroid test and eye examination at the same time. A lot of people would take the opportunity to have their dog’s toenails trimmed while he/she was sedated, but I have found that if you do nail cutting almost from day ! with your puppy, maybe one toe only on a day, it will become an accepted part of your dog’s routine, and consequently not a big drama.

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This article was posted on: 14-Aug-13