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Breed notes - 6 August 2013

Last night I had a phone call from a rather exhausted Liz, our club secretary. She, Lynn and their dogs had just got home from Paignton show after a nightmarish journey, no particular difficulties, just an enormous amount of traffic, both ways. It makes me wonder about the wisdom of holding a show in Devon in August, which has to be when the most traffic will be coming and going to the West Country for holidays. Anyway, she told me that Ann Travis had gone BoB with her Annvad Lady Farica, with Jennifer Barnett’s Hightimbers Sixpence taking the dog honours. Reserves were Liz and Lynn’s Tyehelva Super Summer of Driftingsky and Gill Stockton’s Berkenbos Chinnook. The entries were on a par with other shows this year, which I suppose should be applauded as the show was on a weekday, rather than at a weekend. The judge was Stuart Mallard, who judged us at our Club Show a few years back. I hope he wasn’t too disappointed at the lack of numbers.
Talking of the Club Show, Liz also said to me that she was hoping for entries to be sent in as early as possible this year as she will be doing the catalogue “in house” , whereas last year’s was done by the company that took the internet entries. We have decided not to go down that route again, as it didn’t prove very successful, or particularly easy. Schedules are available to download from the Club website, and I am sure Liz will send out a printed copy if you would like to contact her.
For those who would like to have a go, but aren’t quite sure about any of the aspects of the Show, from which class to enter, to how to go about the actual showing, Maggie Spencer is holding a class specifically covering the whole subject on August 17th. If you are interested, give her a call on 01483 853042, or email her at With the seminar on the Sunday, and a social get-together on the Saturday evening after the Show, the last weekend in September should be a must for all lovers of the breed, so do try to come. Details of the Saturday evening and the seminar are available on the website, or from Gill Stockton on 01939 260765 or email her at
I had a lovely email from Jackie Scales today, telling me that Lex, the dog that was needing a new home, has settled down really well, and they are so very pleased with him. It sounds as though the training his first owners put in was standing him in good stead, but I must say I think his new owners’ 12 years living with a male Hovawart must be helpful too. Long may this new relationship continue in harmony….I do like a happy ending !!
Elaine Betts 01544 318705
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