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Breed notes - 23rd July 2013
Hovawart Breed notes 23 July 2013
I think this prolonged spell of hot weather has taken its toll, and not just because our wonderful dogs are not really designed for it. We had what could have been a real disaster a couple of days ago, when our Orchid was suddenly struck with a bout of diarrhoea during the night, which I am convinced was a result of the heat. Normally, that would just be a mop-up job in the morning, unpleasant but not a real problem, but this time she had managed to get herself into the new bedroom, doors having not yet been fixed, and onto the oak flooring that had been laid the previous day. It was really upsetting to see the awful staining on the beautiful wood, but there was a happy ending, thanks to our builder’s sanding machine. You will not be surprised to learn that once he had sorted out the wood, the next priority was fitting doors !!
Julie was our judge at National Working, which as I said last time, we weren’t able to attend. She found her BoB in Gill Stockton’s Chalkie (Berkenbos Chinook), with Julia Christopherson’s Nell (Pines Chanel) taking BoS. I haven’t heard about the conditions, but it really was a scorching day, so I hope everybody coped OK. Once again, it is sad to report that the entry and attendance continued the trend for this year. It just seems that dog showing has slipped down the “must do” list of most of the Hovawart owners. I just hope that it does mean that they are involved in other activities with their dogs instead.
It hardly seems possible that our Flag is coming up to her first birthday. She is still very much the puppy, the archetypal “ugly duckling”, with precious few white feathers in evidence as yet, but she is an eager learner, which makes training a bit easier than it might be. I will be booking her in for the obligatory hip and thyroid tests next month, when she is old enough, and if she doesn’t quite make the grade, I will be able to concentrate properly on Working Trials with her. It is a comfort to have a fall-back position, I must say.
Stay cool !!
Elaine Betts
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This article was posted on: 23-Jul-13