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Breed Notes - 10 Jul 2013
First of all, an apology due to Val & Steve Shone from last week’s notes. Their boy’s name is Flynn, not Finn (he’s my grandson!), and anyway, he didn’t win AVNSC at Windsor, Ria did (I hope I have her name right…it sounds OK, but my spelling may be off beam). I am waiting for some good news relating to her trip to Germany, I’ll let you know as soon as I hear.

There was quite a lot of discussion in the National Press at the weekend…at least in the paper we have.. .. .. about pet insurance. Evidently the insurance companies make a lot of effort to avoid paying claims, and there is a lot of (very) small print in the contracts, which, you can be certain, won’t favour the customer. Why this came as a surprise is beyond me… I thought that these tactics were always used by all insurers for everything. All I will say is for anyone taking out pet insurance to read all the documentation most carefully, and then do it again. Actually, I am not against the idea of insuring one or two dogs, but for us the cost for our eight is prohibitive. A friend of ours with some five or six dachshunds had a good way round the problem. She would get a quote each year for the insurance, and then put the equivalent money each month into a savings account. She would pay the vets bills from this fund as if she were the insurers, and as far as I can remember, always ended the year with a healthy sum left.

This coming Saturday it is National Working & Pastoral Breeds Championship Show at one of my favourite venues, the Three Counties Showground at Malvern, which should be lovely if the weather forecasters are right…even a bit too hot for the dogs, I suppose. Our Julie s judging and I hope she has a good day. Regretfully, we won’t be there because John’s new responsibilities as treasurer for the Irish Wolfhound Club means we have to be at their Rally and limited show on that day, ironically only a mile or two away from Malvern. I shall await results and a report on how things have gone with great interest.

Following our great efforts and, dare I say it, success in holding the IHF Conference last year, it seems as though this year’s venue in Norway is going to prove very expensive, and some delegations are already expressing doubts about their ability to fund their attendance. Perhaps we might have made this year seem not so bad if we had charged a bit more last year…a missed opportunity?

We are really enjoying this wonderful spell of warm and dry weather, but it isn’t the hovawart’s ideal scenario. We are lucky to have stone floors in most of the house, so they spend the day crashed out, coming to life again during the cooler evenings. One thing to be sure off is for them to have plentiful supplies of drinking water. This temperature demonstrates a real difference between breeds..the Irish Wolfhounds love to sun bathe, whereas the hovawarts’ first thought is shade. Little Dorrit can’t quite decide!

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This article was posted on: 03-Jul-13