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Breed Notes - 2 Jul 2013
Val Shone went to Windsor Ch. Show last weekend and telephoned to say that her “Finn” had got Best A.V.N.S.C. with “Levi” owned by Pam and Lucy Campbell getting RBD. Val did the double, also getting BB with “Ria” .The Judge on the day was Mrs S J Hattrell. Congratulations Steve and Val –I bet you will have had a happy evening! I have to say for some strange reason there appears to be a higher attendance of Hovawarts in the “any variety classes” at championship shows now than at shows with actual breed classes. I’m not complaining – it is wonderful to have Hovawarts entering anything, anywhere! Perhaps this good showing might encourage Windsor to give us breed classes, as Richmond is the only SE championship show that does at the moment.

I have been rather house bound with our puppy “Flag” in season for the first time. Without thinking I had readily agreed to have a friend’s handsome (entire) lurcher, “Wilfred”, for three weeks a while ago, which has caused a certain amount of noise and disruption, coupled with the builders still working on the house, needing wet newly painted doors left propped open, and nowhere really safe, save my wonderful old van for our youngster. I hope the next week passes quickly.

Quick reminder – once again Julie will be compiling photographs for the Hovawart 2014 Calendar (oh, no not yet, I hear you all say) but with this rare burst of sunshine now is the time to get snapping. Anything you think would be suitable, please get it off to Julie, or send it to me and I will forward it. Don’t forget that you will need to be owner of the picture, or have the owner’s permission for it to be used. Can you believe it, we are half way through 2013 already.

Elaine Betts 01544 318705

This article was posted on: 30-Jun-13