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Breed Notes - 20 Jun 2013
I’m almost frightened to touch this computer today, as everything in the last week has broken down……the fridge, the lawn-mower, and my wonderful old van. That is the three things, so maybe that’s it!
One bit of good news is that a potential new home has been found for the 5 year old Hovawart male, Lex. Let’s hope it all works out well for both the kind new family and the dog through no fault of his own had to move on. I think 5 years old is quite a good age actually, old enough to have settled down and be mature, but to still have lots of life left and appreciate interesting different walks, and adapt to new things. We wish him luck.

Looking up the results from Border Union was a shock – only one exhibitor actually turned up! The entry, at 9 I believe, was on a par with recent shows, but only Ellen and James Gutjahr actually arrived “with dog”. Bella (Zwartbos Arreton) duly won BoB, but didn’t progress further in the group. I do know that there were good reasons for the absentees, including Min with a broken arm, and Dave with a leg bad enough for him not to be able to take charge of Ann’s 6 week old pups (you need to be very fully fit for that job!). I am sad for Maggi Bryant, who is a super judge, a Rottweiler person who attended our first judging seminar and likes the breed a lot. I hope she won’t feel too let down, and that Border Union will give us another chance. What with petrol/diesel and entry fees being so expensive, I suppose it is hard to see a way of improving entries. I know we think more than twice these days before making the commitment to go. The pity is that we miss the opportunity to catch up with other owners on a regular basis.

We have started the last chapter of Limerick’s life, I feel, after a visit to the Vet last week to see if she could help restore the use of those wonky old back legs, it was decided to put her on a course of steroids. Not something I would normally be pleased about, but having said that she does seem to be a little more able to walk about the garden and yard. She is such a wonderful old dog, and still wants to potter about with me when I’m gardening. I’m hoping she will see the summer out.

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This article was posted on: 20-Jun-13