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Breed Notes - 10 Jun 2013
It was very definitely a mistake to praise the internet last month, as we have been off-line almost ever since!! Happily, the problem has, after 2 weeks, now been fixed, but I am certainly not going to say how nice it is to see the sun, and feel a bit of warmth in the air at long last…..(it is, though, isn’t it?)
We have now heard from both the foreign trips mentioned in my last notes. The Belgium trip was somewhat of a curate’s egg, in that, sadly, Gill’s Chalkie wasn’t able to compete due to an injury sustained en route, but Hester and Murray Oxborrow had a wonderful show, taking the top prize with their 2 year old bitch Kadanz van t’Bevernest, under German specialist Eveline Hohmann. Murray, you will remember, was our Club Chairman before they went to live in Belgium. Less dramatic, but by all accounts equally enjoyable was Freya’s trip to the Czech Republic, with Helen & Nick Boisseau in tow. She competed in the open Bitch class at their club show, and although she wasn’t placed, she did score an “excellent”, so Nick had the dubious pleasure of the run round elimination, when all the “excellents” are sent round the ring and eliminated, usually one at a time per circuit. With 24 bitches in the class under German judge Margit Bothur, I am sure the winners earned their prize! Nick and Helen commented on how friendly everyone was, and especially how much Eva Michalova had helped them.
One of the reasons for Helen & Nick’s visit was to seek out potential sires, and on the breeding front, there is no positive news to be had yet, although Liz and Lynn report that Mist’s eating habits have changed and she is acting a bit “precious”….all good signs, hopefully. Val and Steve have their girl’s case packed and are ready for the signal to set off for Germany…why don’t bitches keep a properly regular timetable?
I had a sad phone call this morning, when a very upset lady told me she would have to find a new home for her 5 year old castrated boy….no problems with him, but the split up of her relationship. I think the situation may be rather urgent, so if anyone is looking for a rescue Hovawart, do get in touch with me, and I can give you more details.
Our building work drones on, and I think that finally Whistle(our door opener) has abandoned the idea of sleeping upstairs, because her bed has been shifted hither and thither by the builders…just as well, as tonight we have to go to bed via a ladder, as the staircase has been removed. I keep telling myself that it will be worth it in the end, but I am not sure I am as convincing as I was last September, when they started.
Dear old Limerick is still staggering on, one back leg doesn’t work properly, so she moves in circles, and goes forward in a very crab-like manner…mostly in the direction of food. There is a lovely obituary of her sister Beck on the club website, by Julie, who has an encyclopaedic knowledge of the breed and its history. Just one little thing, though…John says her football knowledge isn’t quite so good (Franz Beckenbauer wasn’t a goalie, he says!)
I had a chat with Min on the telephone this afternoon, and she told me she has once again been in the wars – this time on a trip to the bathroom abroad in a strange venue in the middle of the night (she was judging in Berlin). She misplaced her footing and fell down a flight of stairs, resulting in a broken arm. Bad enough, but it could have been so much worse. I am pleased to report that she is recovering well, although isn’t yet back in her mobility scooter as it really needs two good arms to steer it. We wish her a speedy recovery. You just can’t keep a Hovawart owner down!

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This article was posted on: 12-Jun-13