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Breed Notes - 7 May 2013
Sad news to start this week’s breed notes, “Beck” was put to sleep to prevent further suffering a couple of days ago. She leaves a big hole in the Travis household, and we do all know how that feels! With the arrival of a litter of puppies though, Ann will have to get stuck into things again pretty smartly. Not sure about the sex of the pups, but six healthy ones is enough for now.

Beck (Dutch Ch. Pines Tipperary for Annvad) deserves a full obituary, as the first Hovawart to be campaigned to a European title from a UK base, and also as the winner of many BoBs, including Crufts and the Club show each twice, including the year we previously had the IHF conference here. She was from a litter we had, using a dog in Ireland descended from Ann’s original girl, but it is entirely down to the efforts made by Ann and Dave that she had all the success, particularly on the continent, where she was a consistent winner. She was also a delight to live with, and an excellent brood bitch. All in all, what more could you ask for in a dog?

I had an e mail from the Kennel Club asking for everybody’s support for a sponsored 130 walk with is going on, for various charities, on a fixed route all around London. The B.I.S. PBGV Peek a Boo is leading the way, with several of the other group winners taking part. All details can be found Apologies for not mentioning this earlier, but I’m sure you will still be able to donate.

Next show for us is the National – this coming Saturday. Not a very good entry again, but it is a sign of the times I’m afraid. No need to rush, once again we will have to wait around for our ring to become available.
Arrangements are in the pipeline for a couple of bitches going to foreign shores for mating, so let’s hope we manage to produce a few more puppies this year to match the ever increasing demand for our breed. Most people will wait, but it’s the grey area of just how long that is difficult to predict.

Hasn’t this hot weather shattered the dogs, no warning, and it’s as if we have tugged the British Isles out into the Mediterranean and parked up. I even took Acorn and Flag swimming in a local reservoir to cool off, the first time in ages and ages. Acorn loves to swim, but Flag, having bounded in after her and discovered that water isn’t a very solid surface to run on, now gives it a very wide berth…. positively not the way to teach your youngster to swim!

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