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Breed Notes - 1 May 2013
It is a shame the entry at Welsh Working was poor, but Gill must have been pleased anyway with Chalkie (Berkenbos Chinook) going BoB and Ann’s Annvad Lady Farica going BB. The entries at Championship shows are very worrying – we had bigger entries 20 years ago, and things just don’t seem to be improving. We will be losing classes, and I can understand why.
No news from Ann Travis on the puppy front, I think they were due this last weekend, but I will be patient and hope to hear some news soon. Births and deaths often coincide, and I think we are now counting the days for Tipperary (Beck) and Limerick. Two wonderful old ladies, fourteen plus years, who have been great dogs, particularly Beck in the show ring, who was the first UK Dutch Champion ever and will have her place in the history of the breed in the UK. Each day is enjoyed by Limerick and I say a special goodnight to her each evening, just in case she slips away in her sleep. At least she has enjoyed this recent sunshine, which must help her old bones.
It’s the National show next weekend 9th – 12th May, that should be fun, as we are venturing out with our youngest who is coming on in leaps and bounds – literally! She is not keen on flapping tents and tarpaulins, so if nothing else, this tented part of the showground will be a very good training experience for her. I must try extra hard to make sure she enjoys herself.
I wasn’t very impressed with our local Dog Warden this week. My daughter was walking her two dogs in an orchard nearby and was joined by a young greyhound/lurcher who raced across a busy road to get to her – apparently out on its own. Despite looking and waiting and trying to locate an owner, nobody was to be seen, so he was duly brought home on a lead and safely brought indoors. On telephoning the Warden, she asked if we could keep the dog, and ring each morning to check in that she had heard from anybody, missing a dog of that breed. I rather felt as if I was the Dog Warden, and as it came to pass we did, on our own, find the rightful owner. John, who works in the local village PO, was asked if he had heard about any loose dog picked up by villagers. He enquired about description, sex, age, collar, etc., and thankfully it all fitted “Jasper”, who was collected and restored to his rightful home. Is this normal procedure now,with local government cut backs, or did I ring them on a bad day? Just so pleased that he got reunited with his family, I had visions of keeping an entire male greyhound for weeks and weeks, not that the girls would have minded, you understand!
It is gratifying to know that people do read these notes, as I discovered when our ex-chairman, the Rev. Gill Green, telephoned to ask about my electric bicycle, which I mentioned here a few weeks back. I think she is on the point of retiring, a pity because the idea of a lady vicar doing her “rounds” on an electric bike has to be the basis of the next hit “”

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This article was posted on: 17-Apr-13