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Breed Notes - 26 Feb 2013
With Crufts nearly upon us, I think these will be the last notes before then. I am expecting the usual German visitors again this year, and am hopeful that one of the really good English speakers will help us to get Acorn’s eye examined in Germany before too long. That was the last advice we had from the Eye specialist in Leominster a few months back. He could see no reason for us to delay mating her if she were a Labrador or retriever, but felt that the unusual blemishes she had needed specialist Hovawart ophthalmic inspection – just to make sure. We had rather got used to the idea of not breeding with her, but decided to go the “whole hog” before finally having her spayed. Let’s hope we can get an appointment without a referral or a lot of red tape.

I don’t know whether it’s spring but several e mails have arrived here asking for puppies. You never know just how many are really genuine but I am replying and suggesting they go along to Discover Dogs and really get their hands on the actual breed, and to make very sure a Hovawart is the breed for them. I know a couple of litters are planned, but I don’t think they will be enough to accommodate all the enquiries we have been fielding, if they prove to be good homes.
See you on Sunday at the NEC.

Elaine Betts
01544 318705
This article was posted on: 13-Feb-13