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Breed Notes - 13 Feb 2013
The KC Good Citizen Award ceremony was held on 8th February at the Kennel Club and our representative was Sue Scully and her daughter Claire. The awards were as follows:- The Lochaber and District Canine Soc. came first, The Southern Finnish Lapphund Society were second, and then the Hovawart Club of Gt. Britain were third. This was in the category for general canine associations and breed clubs. Lochaber also won the overall award. Sue reported back that they had had a great day out, and she felt that it was a very prestigious achievement for the club. Special thanks to Julie for actually putting together a presentation explaining how the club promoted the KC scheme.
I’m afraid I miss -quoted the date of Maggie’s Rally Day last week. Please alter it to 6th April (not March, as previously stated) If you would like to attend, don’t delay as places are still limited.
Earlier this week my attention was directed to a web site linked to working trials, advertising three English Shepherd dog puppies for sale. On visiting the link – I was amazed to find myself looking at what looked very like Hovawart puppies. It’s never easy to actually be sure of the size of the adult dogs illustrated, but having said that they sure looked like our breed. They even link Queen Victoria to two examples as per an old portrait! I will try and research the English Shepherd dog a little more, but as far as I can make out, some enterprising dog breeder (in USA) has crossed a collie with a Hovawart or similar working type dog, and the English Shepherd is the name they picked on for a cross breed. Not that different from a labradoodle (or even, to go back a year or two, a bullmastiff…..or indeed any other breed if you go back far enough) I suppose. I’ll leave you to have a look and decide.
Isn’t this weather ghastly for animals – here in Hereford we need to be renamed Hereford-on-the-water. Poor dogs, they are never dry.
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This article was posted on: 31-Jan-13