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Breed Notes - 23 Jan 2013
It had been agreed to have a Conference Call (posh name for a telephone committee meeting) last Saturday, but neither John or I have realized that we had previously booked seats for “Skyfall” at the Courtyard, the local Hereford Theatre and Cinema, so it was with great difficulty that we sat trying to concentrate on the matters on the Agenda whilst all around us were talking, drinking, and generally have fun on a Saturday evening. Thank goodness for our Secretary Liz, who kept us focused and surprisingly several things were resolved. A puppy farm has been closed down in Denmark and forty or so Hovawarts are being assessed and hopefully will be re-homed in due course. This has come about by the internet, and in answer to their request the UK club has forwarded money to help, and hopefully we will be able to welcome one or two of the survivors to the UK and peaceful happy lives. I just can’t imagine keeping forty or more Hovawarts in any one place at the same time. The whole story is viewable on the club website, under the heading “Kenzo” and the more people that view the dogs up for re-homing the better, and we do sometimes get folk wanting older adult dogs.

Ringcraft was back this week, and as agreed a fortnight ago, we did have a very explicit demonstration on the use of electric tools, a Dremel to be precise, to file dog claws. The tool itself was quite quiet, and even anxious Acorn allowed her back nails to be filed – quite an achievement. It’s important to start the dogs off as very young pups and then continue each week after their normal grooming. Anything that can improve the feet of our breed must be a good thing, and surprisingly with new short nails the feet seem to look more rounded and cat like. Years ago I had dogs with feet and nails like birds of prey, real talons, but not anymore! Thank you Ann, the Beagle owner with the amazing paws, who patiently demonstrated this tool ….that sounds as if Ann had amazing paws!
Spaces for Maggie Spencer’s “Learn about the new sport of Rally” on Saturday 6th March, in Surrey are being taken up quickly, so if you are interested you need to ring her promptly. Her number is 01483 853042. Another appeal for help, if you would be willing to go along to Discover Dogs to do a session on the Hovawart booth at Crufts, please contact Julie on 01253 777186 . One more date for your diary is the Club AGM on Sunday April 14th, at Liz & Lynne’s home near Nottingham. Full details are on the club website.

Elaine Betts 01544 318705
This article was posted on: 23-Jan-13