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Breed Notes - 22 Jan 2013
It was rather by accident that I saw James Dunn (Spicemill Hovawarts) on the BBC programme, “The One Show”, on Monday night. It was in connection with his work with the Search and Rescue in Kent and although it showed a black Labrador actually finding the interviewer who was lying down in the snow hidden from view, you could see Venka standing with a small group of other members in the background. Shame it wasn’t Venka doing the searching, but maybe a Labrador would appeal to the general public more favourably.

We didn’t make Manchester show this last weekend, due to illness at John’s work (and the state of the side roads in these parts) but there were some not so easily put off, and the honours went to Julie , getting BoB with Gunner (Zwartbos Carisbrooke), with Ann taking BoS with Veronika (Berkenbos Annvad’s Choice). Liz & Lynne got both reserves with Toryn (Z.Brightstone of Driftingsky) and Mist (D.Mist). The entry in total was , I think, in double figures for Eileen Matthews, a longstanding “friend” of the breed, so I hope that will be sufficient encouragement for Manchester to give us another go next year.

I was going to update you with more information, but our ringcraft classes were cancelled this week, so I am not able to report back on the toe nail filing. Hopefully, this will happen next week. I have had a phone call on the subject, though, from Janet, who has a dog-specific dremel, which she has used to good effect, but she did reckon that the “dog-specific” probably doubled the price. Watch this space.

Julie telephoned this afternoon to let me know that the KC has short-listed the club for the Annual Good Citizen award scheme. I didn’t even know there was such a thing, but by all accounts we are one of three clubs in the running, and the result will be announced at the award ceremony on the 8th February. We will be sure to send a representative, and keep our fingers crossed. Each year at our Open show we do have two wonderful ladies that spend the day testing all three of the levels of the Good Citizens, which is highly thought of and something the club encourages.
If you are still surrounded by white fields and need some encouragement to sit in front of a log fire with a good book, can I recommend Dima’s Dog School written by Dima Yeremenko and Emily Randolph. I am enjoying it and think any dog folk interested by training would do so as well.

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This article was posted on: 20-Jan-13