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Breed Notes - 15 Jan 2013
Things are returning to normal about now after the Christmas break, and at our local Ringcraft Classes held in the village hall on a Tuesday afternoon I got talking to a Beagle exhibitor who was training a super male Beagle who had survived poisoning (eating fungus) in his early years and was only now reaching his full potential. I could not see past his fabulous feet! He had the neatest nails and the most adorable round compact little pads I have ever seen. I asked his owner what was her secret and she told me from an early age she had used a Dremel to file his nails. Next week she is going to bring it and give us all lessons on how to improve our dogs toe nails, by regular filing with this Dremel. Dremels are available at any good B & Q or Builders Merchants, or so I am told. More on that next week, after the demonstration! All those exhibits with long nails please form an orderly queue. Is it me, or does the recent wet weather encourage dog nails to grow even more quickly than during a hot dry period?

Leominster Canine Society are holding a Stewards Seminar on Sunday 10th February at the Hopelands Village Hall, Weobley, from 9.30 – to start at 10.00. The Speaker is Mrs S Hewart-Chambers. There will be a Certificate of attendance on completion -£15 inclusive. More details and booking from Mrs D Sadler 01544 230794

I received an interesting e mail from Melanie Kaiser, who has Lupa from our “Egyptian” litter, amazingly near 5 years old (it feels like they were born only a few months ago….doesn’t time go faster as you get older?!),this week, saying that she had been given a pedometer as a Christmas present this year. She reports walking about 11,000 steps on a week day, which after a short delay (John and a calculator) we worked it out at about 5 miles, and at the weekend the tally comes to nearer 20,000 a day. No question, having a dog is good for fitness levels….who needs the gym? I must admit that I would quite like one of those machines myself, but not of course if it reports back the equivalent of just a mile and a half after what I always thought was a good long walk!

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This article was posted on: 09-Jan-13