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Breed Notes - 8th Jan 2013
Well, it’s the new year, and the world didn’t end last month, as some were predicting….just as well, really, because we had made no provision for it. I am reminded of the sketch from Beyond the Fringe (my age is showing!) on the same subject, the tag line being that, although they got it wrong this time, sooner or later they would be right. Christmas and the holiday stays by grandchildren passed without incident, few tears were shed, and those that were concerned the children not wanting to leave the dogs, rather than any knocks or bumps. It never ceases to amaze me how tolerant all the dogs are, even dear old Limerick, still staggering on at well over 14.They must truly enjoy being a part of the human “pack”.

The new dog sport of “Rally”, described to me as an amalgamation of agility, obedience and working trials, and therefore I imagine tailor-made for Hovawarts, is the main subject of Maggie4 Spencer’s “Hovie Day” on Saturday, April 6th. I think it will be held at the Worplesdon Village Hall (in Surrey) again, but full details are available from Maggie on 01 483 853042 or . I should also have more details myself shortly, so watch this space, and indeed the club website. One thing is for sure, it won’t be a day to be missed!

Gill Stockton phoned the other day with exciting news about a new book being published in English about our breed. It is being done in the USA, and if enough interest is raised, we should have copies available via the club. The author is Ulrike Stickel of the Georgenburg Hovawarts, and she has had a lot of experience, particularly in her role responsible for puppy placements (RZV welpenvermittlung to you and me!), so should have lots of interesting tales to tell.

One really nice thing to come out of Discover Dogs at Earls Court for me was a silver Hovawart pendant. I spotted Paula Foakes wearing one, and just casually mentioned it to John. He told me that he had been on the suggested website, and no Hovawart was shown (true), so I had no great hopes, but there on Christmas Day it appeared…they need to be specially ordered! I shall be modelling it at Manchester with a view to including it in the list of items available from the club, if enough interest is shown.

Elaine Betts
01544 318705

This article was posted on: 07-Jan-13