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Breed Notes - 22 Aug 2021
Sorry for the dearth of breed notes during the last few weeks, but things have been rather hectic of late, with builders finally starting work here, in addition to what seemed like endless visitors.

There has been one championship show since my last notes, Bath, where under well known allrounder Jeff Horswell, the Best of Breed was Caron and john McClure’s youngster, Hightimbers Ticket to Dream at Kanukalos, with the Best Dog going to Kate Allen’s Kanukalos Allegro. Kitty Hemsworth claimed Reserve Best Bitch with Hightimbers Travel Tickets, and Caron and John’s day was enhanced by winning Best Veteran with Hightimbers Penny. There is a close family connection between all the winners, so I expect celebrations were very much in order. Sadly, John’s leg still prevented our attendance

On the subject of shows, it is very sad to note that not only have we lost classes at Paignton this year, but now Richmond has taken us off as well. That means there are now no championship shows with separate classes for us in the whole area south and east of the Fosse Way (look it up), that gives us, in a full year, 3 shows in Wales, 3 in Scotland, 2 at Stafford in addition to Crufts at Birmingham, Bath , National Working at Malvern and City of Birmingham at Stoneleigh. The 13th show is Darlington, held at Ripon Racecourse, North Yorkshire. Even open shows with classes are largely north or west, with 2 at the Sky Connexion, Coventry, 3 more in Scotland , and the Club show at Oswestry. East of England Ladies is the one exception, being at Peterborough. It is interesting to note that nearly 60% of the club membership living on the British mainland are in the area that is so deprived of breed classes.

Remaining shows this year are Darlington, Birmingham National, and four shows in Scotland, Border Union, SKC, Working Breeds of Scotland and Perthshire Open Show, in addition to the Club Show, schedules for which is now available to download from the Club website. It will be a slimmed down event this year, as a result of Covid precautions. Our judge for the main show is Julie Condron, and the special classes are being undertaken by Marion Hogdson. Sunday, October 3rd is the date, so get your pens poised to make those entries

The KC have published revised guidelines on the awarding of Championship status to rare breeds, giving us targets to achieve over a three year period. There are quite stringent figures for judges qualified to JEP level 4, which the club hope to assist by holding the appropriate seminars next year, and there is a requirement for the breed to be “ready” in terms of breeding lines, conformation, temperament and lack of exaggeration, together, I suspect, a vote by club members in favour .There is one more thing, we will need to show an average of 10 entries per championship show over that period. To give some idea of where we stand on that score, an analysis of the entries for 2019 ( last year was a bit of a washout !) give an average of 11, which reduces to just under 10 if you only count those who actually turned up at the shows. However, this include Crufts which skews the figures considerably, and they would be 8.5 and 7.5. Losing the classes from 3 of the 2019 shows greatly increases the influence of Crufts on the averages, so I suppose those in favour of us being granted CCs would actually want us to lose more shows from the list. This is surely not what the KC had in mind when drafting the scheme, so I sincerely hope they choose to disregard the Crufts figures when doing the calculation.

Elaine Sharpe
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This article was posted on: 23-Aug-21