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Breed Notes (Our Dogs - Craig Hosie) 9 Aug 2017
Our young Hovie girl Holly, doesn’t stop surprising us and her new trick is her agile nature . She has started jumping the dog gate in the house which separates the kitchen and hall way and then manages to open the dog gate at the bottom of the stairs which prevents them from getting up to the bedrooms, now she lets all the other dogs get up which is rather annoying, but today on our walk in the village park , they were all off the lead and then I seen Holly and our collie jumping a 6ft 2 high old style brick wall which surrounds the park from farm land. They had a ball running around the field much to my amazement. My immediate thought was how do I get them back out , I hope they can jump it back again and they did. When I let them off to play , I didn’t think they would do such a thing. I have never had a Hovie that has been so agile. Off course she hasn’t been hip scored yet but is booked in to have them done as I don’t want to risk injury.
Our dogs has published along with Arden Grange the half way leaders with Mrs Val Shone from the Zwartbos Kennel being the leader in Hovawarts for top breeder at present with the half way leader in puppies sponsored by Natural Instinct going to Mrs Janice Robinson & Mr Dave Brown’s Zwartbos Moonshine Whiskey, well done to both.
Onto show news now with Turriff’s dog show taking place with 8 Hovies in attendance for judge Mr Jerry Robertson (Azrams) , in AVNSC with owners Min, Mark, Ellen and Heather who had kindly sent me the results. The class was busy with other well known breeds like the Bernese mountain dog, Leonberger , St Bernard with the judge asking the Hovawart exhibitors if it was a club show. He found his Best AVNSC in Mark Tyermans boy Ted , Fasskoleys Mahan who is a wonderful B&G. This is a great achievement for the breed.
To finish with closing date for photographs for the Hovawart club of Great Britain 2018 calendar , if Julie Condron can have photographs no later than 12th August, if you can email hofwarth.condron , any news please let me know. Will report on Paignton results next week .
Craig Hosie
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This article was posted on: 09-Aug-17