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Breed Notes (Dog World - Elaine Sharpe) - 28 Jun 2017
With the demise of the weekly paper “Dog World” that was the instigator of these breed notes - they went into liquidation last week - it seems a little strange to be writing this week, but I hope that my jottings will still be of interest.

Today, we had an unexpected visit from former Club Chairman Gill Green, her husband Rupert and their new rescue Leonberger Clover…as I told them, no substitute for a hovawart. They were all three in fine form, and it was lovely to see Rupert restored to health once more. I suspect Gill is missing the challenge of a hovawart just a bit, because she has taken up the ukulele and plays in a rock band!! She played a gig last Friday. I noticed that Rupert was sporting a hearing aid……I wonder if it has an “off” button!! Perhaps Gill will make an appearance on “Britain’s got Talent” to rival Kimberley and her racoon.

It was Blackpool Championship Show last weekend, and in preparations for breed classes next year, several Hovawarts were in attendance and did well in the Rare Breed classes, with a first for Gill’s Annvad Lady Hazel, a second for Janice & Dave’s Zwartbos Moet, with the same team’s Z.Moonshine Whiskey taking Best Puppy, a feat he repeated in the NSC classes, where A. Lady Hazel was BB and Z.Moet RBB under judge Peter Jolley. If the weather is good, Blackpool is a lovely show, but I seem to remember marquees being blown away a few years back. Let us hope that next year we will give them a really big entry for our breed classes.

It goes without saying that you must have protection for your cherries from the birds, who are prepared to pinch them at a point of ripeness earlier than we want to pick, but I think it is a bit much having to protect the apricots from a similar fate at the hands, or rather teeth, of Dublin, who has developed a real taste for the nearly-ripe fruit. Fortunately, most of them are above head height for him, but this evening I noticed Acorn and Poppy getting in on the act, although I suspect it was more on the basis of “you want it so I’ll have it”.

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This article was posted on: 29-Jun-17