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Breed Notes (Dog World - Elaine Sharpe) 10 May 2017
Last Saturday was the Birmingham National Show at Stafford, with Ben Reynolds Frost centre-ring. We had a good entry of 16, but Julie kept Gunner at home because one of her other dogs was in the last stages of kennel cough, and we left a bald Poppy and newly castrated Dublin at home (more of that later!), making 13 for him to consider. Gina’s Isalynn (Isalynn v. Elderens’ Hof) took the top honours, giving her an early lead in the new Tobias Trophy, with a first Best Opposite Sex for Janice & Dave’s young Leo (Zwartbos Moonshine Whiskey). Reserves went to Louise’s Cash (Bergenhaus Jackpot) and Caron & John’s Kanukalos Burletta, with our P. Acorn best veteran and Kibble (P.Flash Bang Wallop) best puppy. Poor Kibble suffers terribly from car sickness….the first hovawart we have had with this affliction….and despite trying every known cure, journeys are somewhat of a nightmare. Fortunately, once she gets out of the car, she seems to enjoy the actual event, giving the judge a really good wag of her tail, but we did need a copious supply of bath towels, and she was certainly quiet for the next day or so.

As you will have seen, poor Dublin was left at home, licking his wounds…..actually, he was very good about not doing that, just as well because Kibble thought his Elizabethan collar was just the thing for a good chew. We took the decision to have him “done” because he did suffer when any of our four girls were in season, not eating and doing his share of howling, and the final straw came when we were looking after someone else’s bitch in season. Besides which, he has probably fulfilled his allotted destiny in terms of progeny. One thing we have observed, and which will need careful monitoring is that he has turned from a rather diffident eater to a positive glutton, so that is yet one more waistline that needs watching here at home.

I hope the current trend for greater entry levels continue for the rest of the year. At the moment they are getting on for double last year’s figures. The next shows are the Redditch Open show, where all rare breeds get classes, on Saturday next week, and the Scottish KC Championship show on the Sunday with 9 dogs entered, followed by our first classes at Bath the weekend afterwards. Gill Stockton is our judge for that one, good practice for her forthcoming trip to Canada in August. These dogs certainly open up different worlds for you, don’t they?

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This article was posted on: 10-May-17