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Breed Notes (Dog World - Elaine Sharpe) 08 Mar 2017
All of a sudden, things are hotting up, at least in the sense of activities starting or about to start. We have Crufts this coming weekend, in case you hadn’t noticed. We are 3rd in the ring…again!...behind 50 Tibetan Mastiffs and what will be a very excited 40 Great Swiss Mountain Dogs, getting individual classification for the first time. Our entries are down a tad on Julie’s excellent numbers last year, but again I am surprised to note that we have more thee than several breeds that have CCs. I don’t think we have enough depth to warrant them, but it does beg the question of how these things actually come to be. This weekend also sees the closing date for nominations for the Club committee and
officers and resolutions for the agenda of the AGM, to be held on April 9th. We are hoping, too, that the Club Year Book will be available for distribution at Crufts. I know Nick was putting the final touches to it last week.
We have now had photos of the finished new model, something I am very excited to see. John Stanbridge, the sculptor, says it will be a limited edition, exclusively available through the Club, and he is very much hoping to have the first few at the NEC at the weekend. I don’t know as of now how many visitors from overseas there will be at Crufts, but one we do have advance notice of is our friend Agnes, coming to the show from Hong Kong. She has just got her third hovawart, after her second bitch died last summer. Funny how this breed gets under your skin, and having had the joy of sharing your life with one, it is really difficult to cope without one, something I for one don’t want to contemplate.
We have had notice of two IHF World Championship events, the IPO taking place in Northern
Germany on the 18th & 19th of June, and the Tracking Championship in Slovakia from 3rd to 5th of November. Unfortunately, the continental method of tracking is not the same as we use here, so it would be very difficult to go and compete on a level basis. It is a shame because there is nothing like the feeling of following a dog on a scent when they are in full cry, and hovawarts do seem to excel in this area.
Last weekend was really hectic with 5 of the puppies off to their new homes. It should have been 6, but we had a real accident when Poppy jumping down from a haybale, all of 2 feet, landed on a small back leg. The little bitch couldn’t put her foot to the floor, and a visit to the vet didn’t immediately give a positive diagnosis. We had an anxious couple of days thinking the worst, that it might be a break or a torn cruciate ligament, but x-rays on Monday morning revealed a “crushed” hock, and the puppy came home with a very impressive compression bandage. None of this got in the way of her eating or wagging her tail, always a good sign, and today, Tuesday, she is starting to use the leg again. I tell you, a litter of puppies is a constant source of worry… but they are a delight at the same time.

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This article was posted on: 08-Mar-17