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Breed Notes (Dog World - Elaine Sharpe) 21 Feb 2017
Club Secretary Liz has had a visit from John Stanbridge and Simon Smalley, sculptors of renown, with the cast for the new hovawart model, which will take the form of a male and female, sitting and lying down respectively. When we spoke afterwards, she was enthusiastic about the project, and I understand that we may get it launched in time for Crufts. It is really exciting for us as a numerically small breed to get such super art works, the original standing model still has pride of place on our mantelpiece.

I very much hope it is out of the reach of our Kibble, who seems to be able to get at almost anything. Tonight’s little gem had her administering her own worming, by stealing the unopened packet of tablets from where I considered to be well out of her range, and opening both the box and the foil….fortunately, as you will all know, worming tablets are not very palatable, and she only consumed about the correct dose. I’d like to think she was really clever and knew exactly how much to take, but her consumption yesterday of two-thirds of the puppies’ mince when my back was turned momentarily rather debunks that theory.

Hovawarts are definitely quick learners. Dublin is now frightened of the smell of bacon. What happened was that, thanks to a very zealous son-in-law, who is an auxiliary fireman, there is a very sensitive fire alarm on the dog-room ceiling, separated from the kitchen and the cooker by a wrought iron gate. This alarm goes off at the slightest provocation, and the heat from grilling bacon is obviously a degree or two too much for it. Anyway, it is sited directly above the dozing Dublin, and you can imagine the rest. Suffice to say, he now runs at the first whiff of a bacon sandwich….all the more for us, I say!

Hovawarts are hardy creatures, but I am pleased that it has turned a little milder, as the puppies are now out in the old Wendy House, which has seen us through many a litter and survived a good 35 years and five house moves. AS it is in a nicely sheltered position, the small hatchway can be left open, and the puppies learnt very quickly to go outside for toilet activities, so they are practically housetrained well before they leave. The only thing that isn’t so good is that the gate to the run is eminently climbable, so we will have to put them in the rather more secure Dutch Barn, with its 4 foot palisade fencing that has so far defeated every litter’s attempts for freedom. We are just waiting for one lot to form a tunnelling committee, and we are done for.

There is an amazing amount of paperwork these days with a litter of puppies. The KC are much quicker with registrations now, so at least those are ready to pass on. I remember when new owners chased you for weeks before you could let them have the transfer forms. Now of course you need to have the puppies microchipped, and vet-checked and a first inoculation, but this last can cause a difficulty, which we encountered when we got Dublin. He had had his first jab in Ireland before he came here, but our vet didn’t use the same vaccine, so he had to re-start the whole thing, meaning more chemicals in him than was ideal. I really don’t like putting this stuff into little puppies, but to keep it to a minimum, we are now checking with the new owners that their vet can accept ours as the first shot.

Crufts is now getting really close….hope to see you all there.

Elaine Sharpe
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This article was posted on: 21-Feb-17