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Breed Notes (Dog World - Elaine Sharpe) 7 Feb 2017
This coming Saturday, it is the National Working and Pastoral Breeds Open Show at the Sports Connexion at Coventry, with our own Gina Challoner centre ring. It was to have been not-so-little Kibble’s launch into hovawart society, but we have decided not to risk bringing home any infections to our 5 week old puppies, they are just too precious, and if anything happened to them as a result of our carelessness, we couldn’t forgive ourselves. I do hope Gina has a super entry, and a most enjoyable day, and I look forward to hearing what has gone on, and to report back to you next week on it all. Talking of shows, the Crufts entry figures have just been published, and we have 18 dogs and 21 bitches making 47 entries between them. This sadly is a reduction of 8 on the attendees last year, and there is probably going to be the odd absentee from the list.

Not surprisingly, we have had a lot of contacts from potential puppy owners of late, and indeed last weekend was totally taken up by visitors for them. Not always the easiest time, with everyone wanting to choose when there really is very little to distinguish the puppies apart from the obvious (dog or bitch), as they are all the same colour. One of the enquirers did say that they had just bought a couple of books in English that we haven’t come across before, but thanks to Amazon, I now have these and am avidly reading them. They are from Canada, and although they do talk quite a lot of sense (one is a “breed” book and one is on training), I don’t find myself in total accord with the authors at all times. One thing I do find puzzling is that in neither case do the authors appear to have actually owned a hovawart, and with the best will in the world, I don’t see how you can be fully aware of all the nuances involved with owning and training specifically a hovawart, as opposed to general purpose dog advice. If anyone wants details of these books, do get in touch. I will try to have them available for perusal when we get out into the world again, after the puppies have gone.

I was really excited to get an email this last week from Simon Smalley, who is partner to John Stanbridge, the sculptor who made the lovely standing model. He sent me the first pictures of the new model they are doing, featuring a pair of hovawarts, dog and bitch, he former sitting and the other lying. The pose looks absolutely typical, and the feeling for the breed is outstanding. They hope to have the finished article ready in time for Crufts, and I for one can’t wait.

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This article was posted on: 07-Feb-17