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Breed Notes (Dog World - Elaine Sharpe) 1 Feb 2017
My apologies for the shortage of notes, I was all set to write last week’s instalment when the new computer threw a wobbly. The main topic was to have been the Manchester results, which are now well known, but certainly worth repeating. Under judge Tom Mather, best of breed (and welcome back!) was Julie Condron with her Gunner (Zwartbos Caribroke), with BB going to Janice Robinson and Dave Brown with half-sister Lexi (Z.Moet). Janice and Dave also took RBD with their new puppy Leo (Z.Moonshine Whiskey), with Gill Stockton RBB and best puppy with her Lottie (Annvad Hazel).However, the real story of the day was the AV Rare Breeds, under judge Anne Macdonald, with Lottie taking Best Rare Breed AND Best Rare Breed Puppy, and Gina Challoner’s Isa (Isalynn von Elderenshof) RBB. In big classes there was also a 1st for Lexi, a 2nd for Gunner and a 3rd for Leo. It is really good to see hovawarts holding their own against competition from other breeds. Well done, all of you.

In yet another field of activity, the hovawart is showing its versatility, with Lynne and Liz’s success at Dancing with Dogs. Recently they achieved the pearl award with all 3 of theirs, Torrin, Mist and Alize in the Move Development Scheme. This is about halfway up the awards, and a marvellous achievement. One of the moves involves Torrin going through Lynne’s legs, which cannot be easy, as he is a big lad….Lynne must look like a jockey!

The KC registration figures have just been published and cover a 10 year period. In that time there have been 257 hovawarts registered, which would give a total population for the breed in the UK in the region of 250-300, I would think. I have a feeling that this won’t be greatly changed over the years. In some ways it is disappointing that there aren’t more especially when you see the enthusiasm of the owners on the Hovawart UK Facebook group, but again when you consider the multiple problems that come with breed explosions, perhaps we are better off as we are.

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This article was posted on: 18-Jan-17