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Breed Notes (Our Dogs - Craig Hosie) 23 Jan 2017
This week we must acknowledge the success and congratulate Mark Harrison with his Hovawart bitch Abbie , her posh name Fibi Srebrne Pole whom he imported from Poland as a puppy has both qualified as an operational SARDA search and rescue team . Lots of hard work and hours of training with a real bond to dog and handler has paid off and this is just an outstanding achievement and one to certainly be proud off. This lets people know what our breed is capable off and I believe they are just waiting on their first call out. So very well done. We have had our club newsletter sent out by Maggie and Lloyd via email and has given us a good read , many interesting articles and gives us date for our AGM , other news is the announcement of a litter of nine pups from the Pines kennel , the first litter this year and a wonderful addition , a happy John & Elaine who will be kept busy.

This week has been busy within the world of hovawarts with two important discussions taking part on the Facebook front , the first on Hovawarts UK with discussion re character assessment’ s with many views being discussed and put forward making you think about why we test , how it should be done as there appears to be variations from country to country and what the results tell us re the dog involved. In Europe this test has bigger implications for the dog as it must pass this assessment before being allowed into the breeding programme. I don’t have much knowledge on this topic and I only attended one ever assessment run with the Anatolian shepherd dog club and the hovawart club in the early nineties by Graham Mabbut , I still have all the information given to me on that day and I have an Article written by Dr Malcolm Willis in Our Dogs in 1993 . It has been interesting to read all the posts and one should visit a test being carried out and look at what research Is available on this subject before making a decision on letting my dogs take part. The next topic of interest was on Hovawart International and the subject of DM was being discussed with a video of a hovawart bitch with this horrible condition. I think when you actually see a dog clinically affected rather then just reading about it, this brings it home . A full discussion re testing from several laboratories undertaking a genetic test to help identify carriers, affected, clear etc took place with several important points. I had discussed this previously with friends in the breed and what appeared then in the conversation as well as the Facebook discussion was it appeared to be not breed specific for the hovawart with some questioning the value of the test. I really don’t know what to think but I now know it is time to ask our breed club for advice on this subject and our breed health representative. The laboratory in the UK that carries out this test is Laboklin .

Onto some show news, it was Manchester CH show this weekend with Mr T Mather judging us and we were second in the ring. An entry of 8 with one absentee with Julie Condon taking BOB with Gunner , Zwartbos Carisbrooke and reserved BD going to Janice and Daves puppy Zwartbos Moonshine Whiskey and they also took BB with Zwartbos Moet Beg a.Ex with RBB and BP going to Gill Stockton’s Annvad Lady Hazel who also took BB, BP and BOB in Rare Breeds under Anne MacDonald with 1st in PGD/B and RBB going to Gina Challoner’s Isalynn V Elderens Hof. Janice and Dave picked up a 3rd in Rare breeds in PD with Julie taking 2nd in OD and Janice and Dave taking a first in OB with Zwartbos Moet Beg.a. What was great was the hovawarts holding their own in the rare breeds classes and Gill getting short listed in the working puppy group with Lottie to the last six. What an excellent result everybody. The rules have changed re BOB’s from Jan 2017 in that if you have been beaten in Rare breeds/stakes classes you can still represent the breed in the group judging. News from Anne Stewart in Ireland with Sienna , Fasskoleys Magenta who got BOB and group 2 at their first show of the year , a wonderful achievement, it is certainly a wonderful start for the breed. Any news please drop me a line.

Craig Hosie
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This article was posted on: 18-Jan-17