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Breed Notes (Dog World - Elaine Sharpe) 17 Jan 2017
Firstly, may I say “Happy New Year” to everyone, and apologise for the lack of notes recently. I blame my son-in-law, largely, because he was responsible for giving us a new computer for Christmas, and although he and his family were staying here for a couple of weeks, somehow the full course of lessons needed to get competent with it eluded me, what with cooking eating socialising etc. over Christmas. This means that doing the breed notes assumes the enormity of climbing Everest, as opposed to the usual weekly Ben Nevis….. but here goes…

I am indebted to the Hovawart Face Book group for the news that Mark Harrison has qualified as a fully operational SARDA handler/dog search team with his Abbie (Fibi Srebrne Pole). Mark has made some rather modest comments implying that Abbie would maybe have done the tests better without him, but I know from the experiences that James Dunn had with Venka when they undertook the same tasks that it can only be a real team effort, so many congratulations to both of them. This breed of ours is so wonderfully versatile, it seems nothing is beyond them.

I have just checked, and there are now only 6 days left to enter Crufts on line, and as I believe Manchester Show this coming weekend is a qualifier for this year, I am sure there will be some way of entering at that show. There are 9 hovawarts entered at the Manchester show on Saturday next, and wonder of wonders, we are second in the ring after 75 Samoyeds, and they have even given us the nod that judging won’t be before 11 o’clock. Let us hope this is a trend that will be followed by all the championship shows hereafter.

Talking of Shows, there may be just time to get your entry in for the National Working Open Show on February 11that the Sky Connexion, Coventry. The closing date for on-line entries is this Thursday, midday, January 19th. Gina Challenor is the judge. I believe the Club sponsors the classes, so do give it a go.

We didn’t enter Manchester this year because our Poppy has a litter of nine born a week ago Sunday. After the difficulties Acorn had with her whelping last year, this was like falling off a log, and I am forced to the conclusion that a younger bitch finds the whole procedure much easier. This view is in the “b******g obvious” category, but it has certainly brought it home to me. Having had our hands full with Poppy and Dublin being only six months different in age, naturally we are going to keep one of this litter, too…..and I was just getting on top of Kibble’s basic training.!! Sometimes I think it would be right to question the sanity of the dedicated dog owner like me.

One result of the domestic change I mentioned in the first paragraph is a new e-mail address, so please take note of it. Whilst making these changes, I may as well change my name, as John and I have now been married for five and a half years.

Elaine Sharpe (Betts)
01544 318705
This article was posted on: 17-Jan-17