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Welcome to the Wonderful World of Hovawarts

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Hovawarts

Our club is dedicated to the Hovawart breed and this website is intended to help owners enjoy this beautiful breed. With official Hovawart standards, shows, information, activities, discussions, photos and a great deal more, we hope you find our site both informative and fun.

An Ordinary Dog

Yesterday, we lost our Orchid to a virulent, vicious cancer.
She was conceived in the cold of a German winter twelve years ago, the night was so freezing we could barely stand it, but Adson and Baz were unconcerned.
She came to us early, and was always confident of her place in our home, taking over as top dog from Chelsea at a young age when Chelsea sadly got a fatal torsion. Maybe things worked out well, because it would have been difficult for the two of them to co-exist. She always kept the home safe.
She did well enough in the Show ring, winning 12 Best Bitch awards, 6 times Best of Breed, at Championship Shows, including once at Crufts, going on to be the first Hovawart to be short-listed in the Working Group there. She was also best veteran at the Hovawart Club of Great Britain Open Show 5 years in succession, and part of the team that won at the IHF Show in Austria.
She featured at Discover Dogs many times, and the day after her Crufts Group appearance, she was recognised on the stand, with the comment that it was so nice for an ordinary dog to do well for a change.
She was a wonderful mother of three litters totalling 21 puppies, all reared with minimal assistance, accepted under sufferance. Orchid would have managed on her own, thank you. She even reared 9 puppies for Whistle, at the same time as 6 of her own, when Whistle wanted nothing to do with her puppies.
She enabled Elaine to fulfil a lifetime ambition to compete at Working Trials, taking to the training like a duck to water. She was the first Hovawart to win a stake, succeeding at her first trial and qualifying CDex. She then went on to become the first Hovawart to gain the UDex qualification before her third litter proved too big a hurdle. She was awarded the Tia Trophy for her Working Trials achievements in 2008 by the HC of GB.
She was just an ordinary dog but the hole she has left in our lives is extraordinary.

Kynyaf Tiy of Pines CDex UDex 9th February 2002 -21st March 2014

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Hovawarts





Hovawarts were on at Crufts on Thursday 6th March, Working and Pastoral Day. Congratulations to all the winners, and thanks to all the participants for showing their dogs off to their best.

Special congratulations to the team of Hovawarts in the Obreedience competition - coming second - a great achievement for Maggie with Dollar, Elaine with Acorn, Paula with Merlot, Janet with Obi and Georgie with Grace. Well done all!

The aim of Obreedience is to encourage more breeds to have a go at some of the exercises generally associated with obedience in a less formal but nonetheless competitive environment. Obreedience will be a team event and highlight the abilities of different breeds in a relaxed and fun display. - See more at:

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Hovawarts

Show and event photos

Crufts 2014 Best of Breed and Best Dog: Lintrollets Alltid Redo
Welcome to the Wonderful World of Hovawarts
Crufts 2014 Best Bitch: Pines Acorn CDEX
Welcome to the Wonderful World of Hovawarts