The Hovawart Club of Great Britain
Welcome to the Wonderful World of Hovawarts

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Hovawarts

Our club is dedicated to the Hovawart breed and this website is intended to help owners enjoy this beautiful breed. With official Hovawart standards, shows, information, activities, discussions, photos and a great deal more, we hope you find our site both informative and fun.

The HCGB Open Show with Limited Obedience 2015 was held on Sunday 4th October.

Click the link to view the 2015 Results, the 2015 Open Breed Show Critique, the 2015 Special Award Classes Critique and the 2015 Obedience Report

Best in Show: Unique von de Romerweide (Carla de Jong)
Reserve Best in Show: Pines Anubis (JM Pearce and IR Dangerfield)
Best Puppy: Quincebois Tulipwood by Pines (Elaine Betts & John Sharpe)
Shown below with Breed Judge Craig Hosie.

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Hovawarts

Unique von der Romerweide - Best in Show 2015
(with Air Force Bohaemic)
with their Royal Canin prizes for the day.

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Hovawarts



This is a new guide produced by the club, particularly useful for new hovawart owners, but also interesting for all hovawart enthusiasts.

Available from John Sharpe: email

Price £10, + £1 postage for UK, overseas postage please email for price.


The aim of Obreedience is to encourage more breeds to have a go at some of the exercises generally associated with obedience in a less formal but nonetheless competitive environment. Obreedience will be a team event and highlight the abilities of different breeds in a relaxed and fun display. - See more at:

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Hovawarts

Show and event photos

Hovawart Calendar 2016

The 2016 calendar is available by post , price £7.50 per copy, from John Sharpe. Telephone him for details of postage costs etc - 01544 318705.
Welcome to the Wonderful World of Hovawarts
Latest News
The PAWSCARS will honour those deserving recognition for their achievements and hard work throughout the UK dog show scene.

The organisers hope the PAWSCARS will help raise the bar and encourage those who are part of the world of dogs to be proud of the fact and to work in all ways possible to improve the dog show scene. The PAWSCARS will raise the profile not only of the winners but of the nominees in each category and they hope that the prospect of being nominated for a PAWSCAR is a goal that people will aim for in the future.

Thornton Cleveleys Dog Training Club have been nominated for a PAWSCAR. They have helped our club for many years with Good Citizens Tests at the club show.

To show our appreciation please consider voting for them. To do this go to and click on Vote Now.
Discover Dogs Crufts 10-13 March 2016
Discover Dogs Crufts 10-13 March 2016 Crufts, N.E.C. Birmingham

Every year the Kennel Club provides a large area for the public to “Discover” the KC Breeds, which of course include the Hovawart. If you would be interested to help out with your Hovawart on one of the four days – Thurs – Sunday, here are the details.

Dogs and their handlers are accommodated in individual booths with a specially constructed pen for the dogs. The KC asks that the breed is represented each day of the show from 9am to 4pm. The recommendation is that only two dogs are present at any one time and due to the intensity of the public attention the day is split into two periods for a different set of dog(s) & handler(s) – 9 am - 1.30pm and 1.30pm – 4pm.

Guidelines from the Kennel Club include the following:-

Dogs must be kept under strict control at all times and except for exercise are expected to be kept within the confines of the pen.
Dogs should be well groomed and typical of the breed with particular emphasis on a good temperament. Dogs should be of suitable temperament and have not shown any aggression towards people or other animals including other dogs. No dog present in the booths should ever have been subject to a Court Control Order or a Contingent Destruction Order under the Dogs Act 1871 or the 1991 Dangerous Dogs Act. The Breed Club and/or any representative dog owner may be required to assist the Kennel Club in verification of this aspect from time to time. Dogs need not be of “show” quality or necessarily owned by a Breeder/Exhibitor but all dogs should:
a) Move freely without showing signs of shortness of breath,
b) Not be significantly over or under–weight,
c) Not show any signs of lameness,
d) Not show any Irritation of or discharge from the eyes,
e) Not show any exaggeration that would make the dog unsuited to the breed’s original purpose,
f) Be well groomed.
g) Be of good temperament.
4. No Dog should be bought to the show which has contracted or has been knowingly exposed to any infectious or contagious diseases during the 21 days prior to the show
Car parking will be provided free of charge and there are unrestricted admission tickets for the dogs and handlers participating on the booth. There is also a small monetary contribution towards travel & refreshment costs.

So if you feel you and your Hovie can cope and are available please phone or email me
01253 777186 of
HCGB Hundred Club
To All Members:

As you may remember, back in the summer, the club rescued a young French-born bitch, and, for various reasons beyond our control, had the expense of returning her to France, the only alternative for her to euthanasia. I have no doubt it was the correct course of action to take, and has resulted in an agreement via the IHF for co-operation between member counties in cases like this in the future.

However, although we have a specific fund for “Rescue”, this episode effectively wiped it out, and we therefore need to replenish it. There have been some individual initiatives so far, Gill selling magazines and the cake stall at the Club Show for example, and your committee thought it would be a good idea to revisit the “100” club, which successfully added to the funds for the IHF conference in 2012.

The scheme works as follows:-
Members, who can have as many shares as they like, put in £1 per share per month. At the end of each month, a draw is made for 3 prize winners, who take between them 50% of the month’s income, the other 50% going to the Rescue Fund. The prizes will be in the ratio 3:2:1, so that if we have 60 members, 1st prize in any one month would be £15,2nd £10 and 3rd £5, and £30 would go to the fund.

I would like the first draw to happen at the end of January, so please dig deep and take out as many shares as you can. Payment can be in any way that works. We can take BACS payments, the club account number is 41573282, sort code 09 01 54, but if you do use this method, please let me know you have done it, as I only hear from the bank occasionally. You will find a downloadable form with this email bundle, and it will also be on the club website.

Thank you in anticipation of your support for this important fundraiser. Although we happily have few rescues, when they happen they need immediate funds, and it would be very sad not to be able to help any Hovawart in need.

John Sharpe Hon. Treasurer

To download a subs form please click here